From time to time, I know people who have encounter moments where we should… [message pops up] “You should activate this Microsoft Product”.

I guess some of you have ever encountered this moment, right? This makes us think about how we manage our software on our computers. There is a community which exists that offers software for free. Maybe you’ve been hearing something called Linux, Open-source, Free Software or Copyleft (Yes! you’ve read it right).

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The alternative to Microsoft office I am offering you is LibreOffice alike Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and so on, it integrates well and is compatible with every project you have done. The best part it is FREE (you can consider a donation to the community if you are really happy with the product though)!


It is simple to get started with, it gives you the basics, and is compatible with all document types you are used to docx, ppt and xlxs. It can render PDF flawlessly. You can share the software with your friends!


The interface is not that great, to be honest, but who needs prettiness when it does what you ask it to do, but you can customize like in the picture below.

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how-to-geek: How to Change the Size and Style of the Icons in LibreOffice

Does it worth a try? Yes. Try it here.

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