Bernard Joseph Jean Bruno/Lubuntu, the cherry on the cake of performance.

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Lubuntu, the cherry on the cake of performance.

Lubuntu, the cherry on the cake of performance.

Hello peeps! I’ve been diagnosed with a serious disorder — distro hopping — due to my disturbing and obstinate interest into the Linux. My issue for years was the regular change in distros, from Zorin OS to Kali Linux. I’ve tried them all!

Even though, I’ve found a solution; staying on the most stable distro of Linux and at the same time changing the desktop environment. My first encounter into the Linux world was Ubuntu 10.10. At that time, if my memory isn’t that bad; it was using mate desktop and I loved this experience.

After 8 years, I still love it. What’s the thing with Lubuntu?

lubuntu info.png

Lubuntu’s goal is the have a sleek design and at the same time having the best performance ever. As many can agree with me, Ubuntu has the most stable distro ever and I love this. Sadly, for my good ol’ laptop, using gnome desktop is quite a bit too much for it.

Being stable, Ubuntu was close to perfection (for me). There was a piece missing — performance — because having such a heavy desktop environment with gnome desktop was just too much and now Lubuntu is here, it “patches” this issue for me.

Lubuntu 18.10, use now LXQt Desktop Environment, removing all the bloatware from KDE. It’s a masterpiece.

Merging simplicity, sleek design and performance, it was the thing we all waited. You do not have a good performant computer or have an old one. Try Lubuntu Desktop!

The minimum requirement for this desktop is so low, even can even use this desktop on a really old machine. I’ve tried it on a computer of the 2000 and it’s quite fast.

Visit to try it yourself!