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Oh… I guess I just graduated !

Oh… I guess I just graduated !

Hmm… yeah. It has been over a year that I’ve been running this blog, and I never explained what I really do. Today, 17th of September of 2019. I graduated.

Thanks to my family, friends, YouTube (and some Indian YouTubers with bad audio management), and myself [pats myself] for their support. Actually, Google helped a lot, it makes me wonder how people before internet finished their universities. Oh yeah… Books.

But, I’ll be honest, it was quite a long 3 years of University. From being pressured and having a long relief of satisfaction of the work done, It was an experience to bookmark in the story of my life. I write this blog to my future self to never forget why I put my feet into a university: passion.

Yeah. I have a great passion for learning specially in the tech world. Like this saying: A jack of all trades is a master of none. I’m not keen into the mastery of something but knowing about stuff in IT is quite the interesting part of it; like the basic understanding of a computer, to the level of creating a Machine Learning Algorithm.

Today is the official day that my Bachelor degree in Computer Science ends, but my thirst for new things isn’t even at its zenith.

Letter to my future self.

Time passes by. Friends come and go. What’s important is to give the fullness on each and every things you do. In time of difficulties I ever told myself; what matters is to be happy. That’s what you should think of. Whatever situations that you could be in or how you are living right now, just focus on what is good.

Keep your smile and don’t give up. Do not hesitate to do what you should do. The time I am writing this right now, I don’t know how you could be right now. I’m full of energy, will, and strength. If you don’t have these right now. What I would suggest you is to go back to those who were and still here for you.** Right now !** Those are the one who fought along your side and will stay by your side. Once you feel ready for battle, it’s time to raise up your chin and keep going forward.

This graduation is just one of your peculiar moments in your life, remember them not just like achievement, but use those good and special memories that will continue to boost yourself for several years more.

Right now, I’m doing great, a good job, nice colleagues, nice people around, people with whom I could share things. Oh. and every morning I bring some puns at work. Do you still do so ? Yeah. I love to memes and puns. Maybe you should do that more often…

I read some books also, I know you love to eat them, being filled and captivated by it, maybe you should take one. Find a fantasy one, or one which can make you learn something. And Physical books > Digital Books. Just saying.

Um.. Sorry I talk as if your life must be hard and boring right now. But what I know for sure is that I don’t know how it is life will be going later. and Nah… it’s not scary. It’s just the unknown. Not knowing the unknown is weird. It’s like a friend telling you to watch over there but you don’t see what he is pointing to with his fingers. Same. Right ?

There are some many people who believe in you. You love to help people, keep doing it. It’s amazing to see the smile on someone’s else face. I know you’ve been focusing on what you should do later… but now. Here we are, how is it now ? Yeah. I know patience. But I hope you achieve what you really wanted to do, if you didn’t it’s okay. Things isn’t always like we imagine but instead we keep trying, if you didn’t try. Try today. Nothing is really late when you still have the will.

But I’m really moved by those happy feelings right now, So. Stay curious and keep moving !