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Stop learning ! Start doing !

Stop learning ! Start doing !

When writing this blog post, I’m first speaking to myself, and also to you as the worse part in learning computer science or anything in particular, we tend to keep ourselves in this learning state.

After studying this, I will do that. After perfectly understanding this, I will achieve that !

For some of you, this quote might be familiar, right?

Being a student, reading books or watching YouTube tutorials are great. But we keep ourselves in these circles of learning, trying to understand without really stepping out of this comfort zone.

What’s the reason behind this?

Perhaps it can be a fear of mistakes, or you have no idea where to start or maybe you love your comfort zone and you need pressure to get out it.

If you are among those zones, I have a solution for you.

The solution

First, try to know what you want to learn, and what is your career prospect and what you are trying to achieve. Set your final goal or at least a part of it. Write it down on a piece of paper.

Second, learn what you want to learn to achieve this goal, and write down why and explain to yourself if it is necessary for you. Once done, plan a mini project around it and give you a specific range of time to learn and start doing the mini project alongside your study.

When applying this method to your lifestyle, your study will make more sense. You will be eager to learn more about coming projects. The more you work on projects, the more you show to yourself you are able to do it.

Challenge yourself! You can also copy-cat projects online but without peeking on the project solution; your job will be to understand how you can achieve it… Whatever how you do it, just make it work!


The purpose of this blog post is to encourage YOU to understand your potential, and by knowing your skills and weaknesses while working on projects. You may have noticed that I’ve required you to write things down: this will build a solid understanding of your thoughts, by putting your plans at work.

As you might know, when staying in the comfort zone, your mind, your consciousness might not know what to deal with — because it is not concrete nor tangible for you to act on your will.

Now you have the components of how to step out, now it’s your turn to make the move! Sometimes it’s better to work alone on these projects, to be able to understand yourself. Once you’ve done enough of them, you can have some mates with whom you can try this and build magnificent things!

I hope you all the best in your journey! Stay tuned on busymind101!

Oh! and by the way, it should be: stop "just" learning ! Because in life, we never stop learning !


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