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SwiftUI vs Flutter

SwiftUI vs Flutter

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Controversies ! Controversies everywhere ! SwiftUI was announced alongside iOS 13 and I think SwitftUI was expected…

Apple is screaming: Vade retro Flutterus ! with its brand new declarative UI framework called SwitftUI. Let’s be honest, Flutter has been used by big tech companies and being among the top starred repositories on GitHub and I think that Flutter had too much outburst on the mobile development.

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It could be Apple’s reaction on Flutter announcement. Flutter being cross-platform (I mean for the two major platform i.e iOS and Android) , being a declarative UI framework and on top of that having native capabilities. People got triggered  as you “code once” and deploy on both platforms. Good Job Google…

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Sssh… it will be fine

But wait ! In the creepy world for Apple it means that all iOS apps will be built with Google Framework, and not by their tools. And for Apple, this is inconceivable…

So, I guess Apple took the initiative to push its programming language forward with Swift 5.1 and get the trending features (sounds like JavaScript to me) which are:

  • Implicit returns from single-expression functions
  • Universal Self
  • Opaque return types
  • Static and class subscripts
  • Warnings for ambiguous none cases
  • Matching optional enums against non-optionals
  • Ordered collection diffing
  • Creating uninitialized arrays

On top of that using a UI framework, which looks like… I let you judge:

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SwiftUI Oh! I don’t want to be a Flutter fan, but let’s not judge a book by its cover, and let’s dive in its other features:

  • Hot reload

Still, it is some kind of copy-cat of flutter, without too much of bashing, we should understand the intention behind SwiftUI and it is just a the response to the intrusiveness of Google on other market. It raises positive and negative points.


  • iOS is pushing forward and making a move for Swift. (I mean look at those new features).
  • Making coding much more pleasant for developers; as declarative UI programming the best thing to consider as  UI development gets easier and prettier.
  • Apple was so long considered as the left behind, being too slow to have this or that feature, but with SwiftUI, they embrace newness.

On the downside, the negative parts:

  • The two parties (iOS and Google) will someday diverge to different horizon. This means that sooner or later Flutter making new widgets** and plugins** won’t be as popular as right now.
  • Will this component based system will be open-source as Flutter do ?
  • Apple wants us to understand that he wants to **own **its ecosystem, and wants no one to step in.

For the sake of this post, nothing was really unveil during the event, SwiftUI is still new for iOS 13 (on xcode 11 and macOS Catalina beta). But it can be tried right now if you’ve got Tim Apple‘s products.

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