Ego is your enemy

Everyone is different, so do I. I would like to share another perspective other than ourself.

Sometimes, we look at ourself like “gods”, and this arrogance can be fatal for you and others. Trying to be the winner at all cost. Me. Me and Me. Ego wants us to feel special and we omit other people around us. But let me tell you, every single person has a story to tell; you might be very successful, or you might be not. Or maybe you are still finding yourself… but the universe doesn’t spin around you nor the raindrops falls only for you. But why should I consider my neighbour?

TLDR; The fascinating part of get off your high horse is that you can meet amazing people, network with them and build relationship, and the best part, is to learn from them (or even teach).

But, how can I do that? Well, it is not that tricky, just consider that person you are looking down on. And gently put your ego coat on the side, and talk. discuss. ask. Help out. Laugh. Have a snack.

Here some benefits of doing that:

Increase your creativity

You can’t get inspired out of nothing that’s a fact.

One of the ways to increase your creativity is through socialization. As we can’t get all knowledge just by ourself. We have an easier and cheaper way to get knowledge to us. Sharing stuff with people is really good. Most importantly; L-I-S-T-E-N-I-N-G.

The Fantasy of greatness

I can be successful no matter what !

Maybe you are really good at what you are doing right now. Rushing to the top like a horse with pads on the eyes. But most successful story works with collaboration. Working hard, yes. But being humble is a key.

Calming down

Just be like oogway

You might be struggling at doing something or even fail. Ego prevent someone to learn from your mistakes. Things can get out of control when you want to try harder without being humble about yourself. Putting your ego aside helps you to treat yourself better.

Even having a beef with someone won’t help. Ego is a threat for asking for help, or even “turn the other cheek” (as we are not always right).

Be humble

Have a humble mind

Repetitive behaviour produces an unconscious beheviour which impels you to produce better action towards others. As humility is accompanied with other virtues; patience and love. Find those things.


I’ve learned a lot from others, that’s because I’ve tried my best to listen, to share and to be able to receive criticism. Why all this ? Well, to produce a better “me”.

Happy 2021.

ps. I do love to go conferences, try this too if you want to try to challenge your ego. ;)