Tired of always typing in your password and ssh <thing>@<otherthing>. I’ve got a quick fix for you !

Check for existing SSH keys

In case you’ve got another SSH keys, you can check it with this command below:

ls ~/.ssh

If you don’t see a thing, I’ve got your back !

Generate new SSH keys

To generate new SSH keys enter the following command:


Copy your public key to your linux remote computer

To copy your public key to your linux machine, use the following command to append the public key to your authorized_keys file, sending it over SSH:

ssh-copy-id <USERNAME>@<IP-ADDRESS>

Then type in your password, and success !

Quick ssh your remote computer.

It’s not lazy if it’s a command right ?

From time to time you need to access your remote computer with the basic ssh command, but you’ll get a little lazy!

echo "alias <NAME>='ssh <USERNAME>@<IP-ADDRESS>'" >> ~/.bashrc

This will append an alias in your .bashrc. For example, I connect to my raspberry pi.

echo "alias rpi='ssh [email protected]'" >> ~/.bashrc

To load the changes in your current terminal:

source ~/.bashrc

As example to mine, whenever I need to connect to my Raspberry pi, I simply do this:


I will get connected to my Raspberry Pi quickly and passwordless !